Out of sight, near the heart

When you are alone, in class, at work or at home, and you think about your friends, it's time for you to tink!

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About Tinkovu

Tinkovu is an app for all those who can't always be together.

When you download Tinkovu, share your friendcode to paired with other people. Once this step is done, start sending Tinks!

A tink is a notification that will be sent to your friends when you think of them. To do this, you just have to press the central button of the application. The Tink will be sent within a minute.

Friend Goals

Challenge your friends!

In the Friend Goals section, challenge your friends with a lot of questions to see if they really know you.

About Tink notification

There are many different type of Tink!

Standard Tink

Send a simple "I think of you" notification.

Memory Tink

Add a souvenir photo to your Tink.

Paint Tink

Draw what goes through your head.

Audio Tink

Add some special vibes to your Tink.

Personalized Tink

Write something poetic with your Tink

Chrono Tink

Write something that cannot be open before a certain date

Our philosophy

Tinkovu is primarily designed for the user

Because we think that we shouldn't joke with private life, even more when it comes to your personal relations, we designed Tinkovu with you on our mind.

No account needed

Just enter a username, link to your friends and that's it!

Tink history

You can have a complete history of your Tink.

Private messaging included

Reply to you friend's Tink directly in the messaging tab.

Download the App

Tinkovu is available on Apple Store and on Google Play.
Of course, friends who have different devices can link to each other.

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